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Al Aqaba port in Jordan


The Port of Aqaba is at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba off the Red Sea in southeast Jordan. Just nine miles from the border with southern Israel, the Port of Aqaba is the country’s only seaport. Aqaba Port is located on the northern east of Aqaba Gulf, which is a part of the Red Sea, whose length is estimated by 1930 kilometers and width of 360 kilometers and its depth reaches 2000 meters. In its northern region, it branches into two parts forming the Suez Gulf and Aqaba Gulf known for its deep waters. On its southern part, it narrows to form Bab El-Mandab to reach 26 kilometers. The Jordanian coast extends from the north of Aqaba gulf to the south until the Saudi borders with a length of 26 kilometers. Aqaba port is characterized by its strategic location in the middle of the three continents (Asia, Europe, and Africa). It is also characterized by being the only port for Jordan. Aqaba port is connected to a modern roads and transportation network with all Jordanian provinces and neighboring countries. In 1952, Aqaba port was established after issuing the High Royal Diktat will for the purpose of establishing, developing, and maintaining berths and warehouses, in addition to handling and storing cargo from/to vessels and in warehouses and port yards and two ports for bunkering and trade.

Port Characteristics

  1.  The distinguished geographical location linking Africa and the Middle East.
  2. Aqaba port has high productivity rates which are within the international rates:
Bagged cargo(6000) ton per/day
Paper(1500) Ton per/day
Steel billets(3500) Ton per/day
Phosphate(50000) Ton per/day
Rice(6000) Ton per/day
Cement(5000) Ton per/day
General Cargo(1000) Ton per/day
Timber(2300) Ton / day
Reefer cargo(300) Ton / day
Livestock(15000) head / Day
Grains(12000) Ton / day
Cars(3000) car / day
Oil(18000) Ton per / day
  1. Laws and legislation which  allows the private sector to invest and share in the management and development of the Maritime sector represented by the Ports Corporation. 
  2. Distinguished and fast services safe and of high quality around the clock to fulfill the needs of the customers and to face the competition. 
  3. Reasonable tariff compared to the neighboring ports, with flexibility in decision making. 
  4. Complete infrastructure (Berths, equipment). 
  5. A Container Terminal equipped with all the machinery needed and with an international specialized management. 
  6. Specialized Berths equipped with all handling machinery and equipment for all kinds of cargo bulk and liquid. 
  7.  Passengers Terminal equipped with all the facilities to receive tourists and workers coming to the countries of the area. 
  8. Security and safety for vessels and cargo through the ports corporation commitment to the ISPS Code on ships and port. 
  9. The Port of Aqaba radio station operates 24 hours a day. GMDSS communication equipment coverage A1, A2 services to ships. 
  10. The Prince Hamzah Oil Spill Combat Center is equipped to prevent environmental damage from Oil spills.
  11. The existence of an international airport serving air navigation and to support the port role in the multi transportation chain. 
  12. The implementation of  the computerization of the ports operations.(IT Management). 
  13. As a result of IT Management ( Port Position & Current cargo storage).

Developing Aqaba Port

The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) adopted in 2002 a comprehensive regulatory plan covering development activities in the region at the level of the tourism, commercial, industrial and logistics sectors, as well as other investment sectors. The broad planning currently covers five areas: Aqaba City, Aqaba Port Area, Southern Coastal Zone, Southern Heavy Industries Area and Northern Airport Area

Aqaba Port Area

The port of containers and the industrial port will be expanded in size and will be transported so that the industrial facility is allocated over time to the clearance operations of the goods normally carried out in the main port. The area is dedicated to tourism use.

Engineering Features / Productivity Features


1Mobile harbour  Cranes2100 ton
2Mobile cranes290 - 120 ton
3Mobile cranes445 ton
4Mobile cranes322 - 15 ton
5Forklifts420 - 30 ton
6Forklifts1010 - 15 ton
7Forklifts621.5 - 3 ton
8Towing tractors21Different
10Tug Master16Different
11Tiltable (قلاب  )5Different

Ports Storage Facilities

These include:

Closed storage62,000 sq. m
Phosphate storage310,000 t
Grain silos150,000 t
Covered storage41200 sq. m.
Open storage245,000 sq. m
Potash storage150,000 t
Rice silos55,000 t
Cement storage30,000 t
Refrigerated storage500 t


Addresss . Box 115 Aqaba 77110 Jordan
Telephone+962 3 2014031
FAX+2016204 3 962
Email Address info@acpom.com.jo