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The Arab Sea Ports Federation

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Active Members

Al Adabiya Port, Egypt

Adabiya Port

Working Member

 Al Adabiya Port in Egypt

General Manager of King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam
Mr. Naeem Bin Ibrahim El-Naeem


“It has the potential to be a gateway port for large volumes of Liquid and dry bulks.”

Development Plan

Development Projects

Dry Bulk Terminal

The dry bulk terminal project will begin operation by Al-Adabiya Co. The terminal is designated to have a total berth length of 770 m and a water depth of 14 m.

Quay and Berth Rehabilitation​

The project comprises several small measures to rehabilitate quays and berths aprons. In particular, the rehabilitation of the berth aprons (pavement) from berth 2 to berth 8 are part of this project as well as the quay edges of berths 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Logistics and Storage Area

This project features the construction of a logistics and storage area of approx. 160,680 m². This area is to be developed by Adabiya Marine Management Company. The project is implemented through BOT scheme of partnership.

New Service / Small Vessel Pier

This project holds the erection of a pier for service vessels and small vessels. The total berth length is 300 m and the water depth is 7 m. The adjoining yard is approx. 45,000 m².

Future Projects

Dry Bulk Terminal

The project covers the construction of an additional dry bulk terminal with a total quay wall length of 560 m. The water depth will be 14 m and the annual handling volume capacity will be approx. 5.5m t.

Multi-purpose Terminal

The planned construction of an additional multi-purpose terminal will have a berth length of approx. 500 m and a water depth at the quay wall of ca. 14 m.

The number of berths in the port is 39, including:

  • General cargo berths-containers and RO-RO berths.
  • Grain and fodder berths.
  • Unpacked cargo berths, cooled cargo berths and general cargo berths.

The depth of sea waters in such berths ranges from 9 up to 14 meters, while its total length is 7837 meters. Such berths are provided with modern equipment and installations for cargo handling and stowage, in addition to carrying it from the port, also forklift and other electronic lifts of different types, some of which are of 3.2.15 tons capacity. Moreover, lifts for unloading grains, receiving dock with a length reaching 4000 meters and the sea depth along the dock ranging between 4.5 and 6 meters.

They are represented in Authorities, associations, councils and administrations working in the field of the Arab Sea Ports facilities.

Berth Properties

Length of Navigational Channel14Miles
Width of Navigational Channel400Meters
Total port area181000000Square Meters
Water Area174.160.000Square Kilometers
Land area6.840.000Square Kilometers
Total area of container yards1545000Square meters
Total area of opened area yards2391850Square meters
Total area of covered storing yards181000Square meters
Tankers areaNot availableSquare meters

Port Characteristics

Engineering Features

8 Berths with 1465 m total length and draft ranging from 9 to 14 m, the port area is 1,140,000 M2 and able to receive dry bulk cargo vessels of up to 60,000 tons.

Productivity Feature

The port is considered one of the most vital ports handling liquid Bulk Cargo with an average of 1 million tons annually.
Due to the presence of tank storage facilities with the capacity of more than 300,000 tons (chemicals & edible oil). The biggest share of the port’s throughput is dry bulk, with an average handling exceeds 6 million tons annually.
The total throughput in the port reached 10 million tons annually (various cargo) in 2018/2019.

Maximum Total Designed Capacity For Cargo Handling2000000Thousand Tons/Year
Maximum Total Designed Capacity For Containers Handling (TEU)900000TEU/Year
Largest Received Vessel (According To Its Draft)14Meters
Largest Received Vessel (According To Its Length)300Meters
Container Handling Rate2465TEU/Day
General Cargo Stevedoring Rate38356Tons/Day
Working Hours113974Hour
General Cargo Handled During The Year 20053850Thousand Tons
Containerized Handled Cargo During The Year 20058529Thousand Tons
Dry Bulk Cargo3882Thousand Tons
Liquid Bulk Cargo57Thousand Tons
Number Of Handled TEU During894809Thousand Tons/Container
Number Of Passengers During 2005-Passengers


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