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Kenitra port

Port of Kenitra (Port Lyautey)

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Kenitra port in Morocco


The Port of Kenitra is a riverine commercial port located on the banks of the Sebou River. The harbour includes the Mehdia Port and lies close to Casablanca and Tangier. The complex is situated 17 kilometres inland from the Atlantic Ocean and is linked to the National Highway and Rail System. For air transport, Rabat Airport is located 25 kilometres away.

Kenitra serves as a fishing and cargo port that has been in use for over a millennium. Set up as a military base, it was selected as an excellent location for a riverine port that would remain accessible from the Atlantic. With time, trade commenced and the port was instrumental in the development of the Gharb plains. Fishing also became a major activity, with the Mehdia outer port being a top location for fish exports.

Kenitra was used for nearly 50 years as a United States Naval and Air Base. Starting from World War 2 till the post-Cold War era, the port was developed by the US Engineer Corps and was later transferred to Morocco in 1991. The current facilities include an anchorage depth of 5 meters, a dock length of over 1 kilometre, and an area of 22.7 hectares.

The Container terminal

The container terminal is a new facility that became operational in June 2021, inaugurated by DP World and the Somali government. The terminal is being developed in phases and after the completion of the first phase, it has an annual container handling capacity of 500,000 TEUs which would rise to 2 million TEUs after the second phase is completed.

This container terminal has a draft of 17 m, a 400 m long quay, a modern container yard and eight rubber-tyred gantries and three ship-to-shore gantry cranes, capable of handling the biggest container vessels. A One-Stop service centre is also being constructed.

Financed by DP World, this port development project aims to transform Berbera into a major maritime trade hub of the region and a crucial logistics provider. A Free Economic Zone is also being developed to attract private investments and create employment opportunities.


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