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The Arab Sea Ports Federation

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The Arab Sea Ports Federation (ASPF) has elected the UAE, represented by Captain …

On 24/4/1997, in the meeting of the General Assembly, it has been decided to transfer the headquarter of the Arab Sea Ports Federation to Alexandria City, Arab Republic of Egypt, to be a permanent headquarter of the Federation to give it the pertinent efficiency to practice its activity.

In November (22-25), 1999, in Abu Dhabi, the Federation Board of Directors approved the Federation flag and shield to be in the shape of: a green rectangular with the authenticated federation logo in white.

In its meeting, dated May (8-11), 2000 in Tunisia, the Federation Board of Directors decided to approve the acceptance of the companies, practicing various port services and working in Arab maritime ports, in the membership of the Federation.

In November (5-7), 2001, in Casablanca, Morocco, a celebration was held in the occasion of the passage of a quarter of a century on establishing the Federation, in the course of the events of the 24th regular meeting of the Federation Board of Directors.

In May 1, 2002, the first issue of the Federation magazine was published “Arab Sea Ports”, which was supervised by Promedia Company in Tunisia.

In 26/2/2003, in its 71st session, the Social and Economic Council indorsed the study of unifying the charts of identifying the tariffs and fees of Arab seaports, which the Arab Sea Ports Federation participated in its preparation.

In its 30th session, in April (16-17), 2003, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Executive Office of the Arab Transport Ministers endorsed the strategy of upgrading human resources in Arab Sea Ports, prepared by the Arab Sea Ports Federation.

In January 2004, the second issue of the Ports Federation magazine, which is published by the International Press and Declaration Company in Tunisia, was published.

In August 2003, Rear Admiral/ Ahmed El-Said Hemieda, the former secretary-general of the federation, who operated the Secretariat-General of the Federation since 24/4/1997, has died.

In 26/10/2003, in its 16th session, the Arab Transport Premiership has decided to assign the secretary of the technical committee of Maritime Transport to the Arab Sea Ports Federation.

In January (13-15), 2004, Rear Admiral/ Essam EL-Din Badawy, was assigned to hold the position of the Federation Secretary-General starting from January 1, 2004, upon his nomination by The Arab Republic of Egypt, in the 28th regular meeting of the Federation Board of Directors in Alexandria.

The Federation membership certificate was distributed among the members of the Federation Board of Directors, which was issued upon Decision no. (2/2002) of the Federation Board of Directors in its 28th regular meeting in Alexandria.

In 26th of April 2004,the Federation Secretariat- General headquarters was transferred to its new location in 4 Ptolemy Street – Alexandria – Arab Republic of Egypt.of reinforcing the development of Arab Maritime Ports.
• The Federation is a legal entity and has a full legal authorization to practice its works and achieve its goals. It also enjoys administrative and financial independence.
• The Federation’s headquarter, branches and offices enjoy immunities stated in the Convention on the privileges and immunities of the Arab Economic Unity Council and what is agreed upon with the country where the Federation’s headquarter is located.