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The Arab Sea Ports Federation

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Hodeidah Port


Working Member

Hodeidah, Sudan

General Manager of King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam
Mr. Naeem Bin Ibrahim El-Naeem


Locally referred to as the Al Hudaydah Port, it is a major seaport on the Red Sea. Al Hodeidah is a large city located on the Western coast of Yemen. The port specializes in exporting coffee, cotton, and dates. The hidden industry of the surrounding regions also creates a major export market. It has been operational from the 19th century and has undergone significant expansion from the Ottoman period in which it was opened.

Al Hodeidah is located South of the Ras Isa oil terminal. It has FSOs and other offshore vessels and supply boats located nearby.

The port operates 8 berths that can handle ships of up to 200 meters in length. Tugs are provided for all vessels passing through the region. The berths can handle general cargo, bulk grain cargo, and container units.

Al Hodeidah Port is a primary port for the supply of humanitarian aid to Yemen. Due to the temporary closure of the International Airport at Aden, the major routes through which goods are brought into the country are through seaports such as the ports at Aden and Al Hodeidah.


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