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Port of Saleef

Saleef Port

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Port of Saleef, Sudan

General Manager of King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam
Mr. Naeem Bin Ibrahim El-Naeem


The Yemeni port at Saleef is located just 50 km North of the port at Al Hodeidah. It is on the Kamaran Bay that is located to the west of Yemen. Saleef is near the Yemeni border with Saudi Arabia but is very remote. Rail and road connectivity is poor in the region, which has hampered the ports ability to properly handle incoming cargo. Unfortunately, the present political scenario has only worsened the situation at the Saleef port.

The port primarily handles container vessels, bulk cargo carriers, and general cargo vessels. These facilities are built to handle ships up to 400 meters in length and can handle multiple small vessels. The container facilities are not fully developed and functional, since general and bulk cargo is the primary goods shipped through Saleef. A salt berth is also located within the premises, which constitutes a major part of the port revenue. Its facilities are built to handle bulk rock salt deposits and prepare them for export. The major source of salt is from local salt quarries that are built near the port. Another major cargo shipped into the port is bulk grain. There are silos situated nearby to provide storage for incoming grain products.


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