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The Arab Sea Ports Federation

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Ras Isa Marine Terminal

Ras Isa Marine Terminal

Working Member

Ras Isa Marine Terminal, Sudan

General Manager of King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam
Mr. Naeem Bin Ibrahim El-Naeem


The primary oil terminal of Aden, Ras Isa is a major port in Yemen. It is presently owned and managed by the Yemen Hunt Oil Group based out of Texas. Additional facilities and aid are provided by the Port and Marine Affairs Corporation (PMAC) that operates under the Yemeni government. They provide pilot facilities, tugs, and oil tanker assistance.

The Ras Isa Terminal is renowned for the Marib-Ras Isa Pipeline that runs between this port and the oil fields at Marib. As Ras Isa is a deep-sea port, it is ideal for large scale oil operations on the Red Sea coastline. A floating oil supertanker is berthed off the main port complex, and measures 351 meters in length and has a capacity of 405,000 tons. Since the port has a permissible sea depth of 35 meters, large supertankers can dock and discharge their cargo without needing additional transfer equipment.

The Marib Oil Fields are also owned by the Hunt Oil Co. which has been working jointly with the port authorities at Ras Isa to supply oil to Yemen.


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