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>> King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam

General Manager of King Abdulaziz Port in Damam
Mr. Naeem Bin Ibrahim El-Naeem

Overview of King Abdulaziz Port in Damam


The number of berths in the port is 39, including:

• Damam is the largest city of the Eastern region and linked with El- Khobar and El-Zahran cities.
• It is the main gate for the middle and the eastern regions.
• It is provided with a modern network for roads and regular railways, which extends to the capital.
• The number of berths in the port is 39 berths.
• The computer network has been implemented in 1398 H.D.

King Abdulaziz Port is located in Damam on the gulf –the eastern region of the country. It occupies a distinguished strategic geographic site near Damam on latitude 26-30 northwards and longitude 12-50 eastwards. The port is considered the main gate through which cargo and merchandise imported from different parts of the world to reach the middle and eastern regions. It is provided with a modern network for roads and railways, which reaches the capital.

• General cargo berths-containers and RO-RO berths.
• Grain and fodder berths.
• Unpacked cargo berths, cooled cargo berths and general cargo berths.

The depth of sea waters in such berths ranges from 9 up to 14 meters, while its total length is 7837 meters. Such berths are provided with modern equipment and installations for cargo handling and stowage, in addition to carrying it from the port, also forklift and other electronic lifts of different types, some of which are of 3.2.15 tons capacity. Moreover, lifts for unloading grains, receiving dock with a length reaching 4000 meters and the sea depth along the dock ranging between 4.5 and 6 meters.

Berth Properties

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